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#YouGoodMan – Chicago – October 22, 2016

you-good-man-event-chicago#YouGoodManAn open conversation between brothers about what’s good… and what’s not.

Last week, after Kid Cudi publicly opened up about his challenges with his emotional well- being, Host Dayna Lynn Nuckolls co-created the hashtag #YouGoodMan. It went viral on Twitter less than an hour after its creation. Men and women around the globe began sharing the hashtag #YouGoodMan in sincerity, to clear space for men to publicly open up and share their challenges.

This flagship LIVE event created by Dayna Lynn Nuckolls, Stacy Patrice & TyKeith L. Nelson, is a ritual of that same open floor invitation. Brothas can voice their challenges, triumphs, and experiences and leave it all on the floor.

Hosts Dayna Lynn Nuckolls & Stacy Patrice have purposefully structured space in solidarity with the Brotherhood to kickoff the most lively, honest and authentic confidential conversation between men. 

Moderators Dr. Obari Adéye Cartman & Kevin A Johnson will guide the conversational experience, getting to the bottom of it all like only men can when they unite. You’ve got three hours to bring the real when asked, “#YouGoodMan?”

Chicago based photographer Tykeith Nelson will be photo-documenting the experience for an upcoming project on black men.

Be there…
to break the silence for yourself and the collective Brotherhood.

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You ever look in the mirror and all of a sudden notice that you’ve changed?

Or that you’re changing?

It’s actually kind of jarring.
You don’t recognize yourself.

How did it happen right under your nose, before your eyes, without you noticing?

And even more, who have you become?
What happened to the old you? The other you?

At first, it happens so frequently and swiftly that you barely have a chance to notice. Then, it becomes a slow shifting, a lazy morphing that settles into place just as your eyes set upon it. But it’s too late to do anything about it.

Well, it’s not like you could had you caught on early enough.

It’s humbling to meet the reckoning of change. The kind that you don’t see as it’s happening. You just look up one day, and there it is.

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